How to stay cool in hot weather when travelling

Travelling to another country is great fun, but if the location you are visiting has a much hotter climate than what you are used to, you might struggle to keep cool. Here, we have some helpful tips to help you keep cool and comfortable when travelling in warmer climates.

One of the most useful things you can do to remain cool is to avoid the sun at the hottest parts of the day – in most places this is between around 11 or 12 and 3pm. It’s best to remain in the shade during this period, or indoors if possible. In fact, if you can get up early, you will be able to beat crowds to some of the big tourist attractions as an added bonus!

You could also think like a local and take a siesta in the middle of the day. Head back to your accommodation to have some lunch and either take a nap or read a book. This is also great if you have kids – they are sure to be in a better mood in the evening if they have rested in the middle of the day. It’s also crucial to keep hydrated when it’s hot – you might need to drink much more than normal in order to remain well-hydrated. You’ll be glad to know that eating an ice cream is also a great way to cool down on a hot day!

How you dress is another key way to keep cool when the weather is warm. It’s best to wear loose fitting clothing which is light in colour, as these allow air to circulate against the skin. Clothes such as shorts and vests are actually not as helpful when keeping cool, and can also lead to a greater risk of sun damage to the skin.

If you wear a hijab, you might be wondering how to keep comfortable in the heat. You can buy hijabs online which are made from lightweight materials, so can help keep the head cool. You could also try a breathable cap underneath, which helps keep the hair out of the way and can therefore cause less irritation with the heat.

You could also check if your accommodation has air conditioning, and also find out if attractions you plan on visiting have any. You might like to pack a hand-held or battery-operated fan to help when it gets really hot outside.

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