Month: December 2017

There is nothing better than a short weekend getaway to a beautiful European city.  2 days is not a lot of time so you need to make sure you get enough planning done before you depart. If you are going to a city you already know and love you might want to plan something unique. Here are some creative ideas on how to spend a great weekend away. 

Traveler wearing backpack holding map, waiting for a train at trainstation and planing for next trip.Vintage tone, Retro filter effect, Soft focus, Low light.(selective focus)

  • Rent a house! Why not stay in a private local accommodation and enjoy all the commodities? I think the easiest way is to look for an Air BnB. It a great app and website to find the best rented flats/rooms/houses and it is so easy to use and so fast! You find a place to stay, press a few buttons and you are done! You can also use it anywhere in the world where people are advertising their residence. Alternatively, I would suggest a quant camping trip or renting a cabin/lodge if you are going to a very warm country.
  • If you are traveling to Europe get a free USE-IT map. These maps are made by the locals and will be extremely handy to plan an authentic weekend city break. They are available online to be printed out or you should search if there are any USE-IT travel centres locally to pick a printed out copy for free in person. I highly recommend it as local people put their favourite restaurants and bars on the map that you would never discover yourself. 
  • Find the best Panorama spot. Nearly every European city has a big hill or a tv tour where you can see the best panorama of the city. I love watching over the city and taking a picture of the layout of each city I visit. This has showed me how unique and interesting places around the world are and that I want to visit as many countries as I can.